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Broadband Speed Test | BroadbandUK Test your internet connection with our modern, fast & accurate broadband speed test. Speed Test | UK Broadband Speed Checker with The uSwitch Broadband Speed Test is a free-to-use service that analyses your broadband speed in seconds. It can measure speeds on a range of broadband connection types, including ADSL broadband

Sky Cable: 149 ms: 4.29 Mb/s: 0.02 Mb/s: view: 04:38:19: PH: Philippine Long Distance Telephone: 476 ms: 0.87 Mb/s: 6.66 Mb/s: view: 04:37:40: Forcepoint Cloud Limited: 169 ms: 7.31 Mb/s: 2.81 Mb/s: view: SPEED TEST for broadband Internet connection. Speed Test is the best tool for Internet connection speed measurements. This platform provides

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A broadband speed test only provides a snapshot of your internet connection at the time you test it. For thorough results, try running a test a number of times, including during peak (between 8pm and 10pm) and off-peak hours across the same week.

Speed Up Slow Broadband - Which? Test your broadband speed. Find out just how slow your connection is by using our free broadband … UK Broadband Speed Test | thinkbroadband NOTE: Variable speed products and those sold as 'up to' a specific speed may not reach the maximum advertised download or upload speeds. The rules around selling broadband in the UK mean that 10% of customers should be able to reach the 'up to' speeds quoted in adverts. For individuals not reaching the advertised speed this will often be due to the length of your phone line, ISP network