How to Customize Window Borders and Shadows on Windows 10

TCP window scale option - Wikipedia The TCP window scale option is an option to increase the receive window size allowed in Transmission Control Protocol above its former maximum value of 65,535 bytes. This TCP option, along with several others, is defined in IETF RFC 1323 which deals with long fat networks (LFNs). Window Installation: How to Install Replacement Windows Apr 10, 2020

Setting to approximately 0.54, or more precisely 25/46, produces the Hamming window, proposed by Richard W. Hamming. That choice places a zero-crossing at frequency 5π/( N − 1), which cancels the first sidelobe of the Hann window, giving it a height of about one-fifth that of the Hann window.

In Windows 10, you sometimes want to return to the way things were before you started messing around with them. Your salvation lies in the Restore Default button, which awaits your command in strategically placed areas throughout Windows. A click of that button returns the settings to the way Windows originally set them up. Here …

Most of the settings you'll want to change in Windows 10 are in Settings. Settings is organized into the separate System, Devices, Phone, Network & Internet, Personalization, Apps, Accounts, Time & language, Gaming, Ease of Access, Search, Privacy, Update & Security, and Mixed Reality (if available) categories.

Open Advanced System Setting in Windows 10 (three solutions) Jul 11, 2020