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The output shows significant packet loss on all the Cogent hops. However, there is no packet loss on the last hop (21). This indicates that the network path is actually not problematic. What can I do about Packet Loss? - Verizon Fios Community the rule of thumb is that if you have packet loss, it continue's, a spike here and there, isn't real packet loss, and if it were, how does the packet become 100% on the next few hops? it's not really possible. packet loss is real loss, and you don't typically get it back. gi0-0-0-0.agr11.alb02.atlas.cogentco.com ( 1.105 ms: 3: Timeout, Packet Loss and High Latency - NBN FTTP - Telstra

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Anyone else seeing network routing issues or packet loss Looking at this, the responses are inconsistent and it would appear to be packet loss. Any ideas? I've been simply downloading my selections as zip files and uploading to SAB, but that's annoying. EDIT: I did a traceroute from my server to dog (removed the good responses that ID my server location). High Latency - TCPShield There is packet loss between you and our network, which could result from: Link saturation at any point in the route between us and you. The backend resides on an unstable network (i.e. residential) 6. be3025.ccr41.lax04.atlas.cogentco.com 0.0% 24 148.5 151.8 146.3 180.7 6.7. Router Watch | DSLReports, ISP Information Yellow to red cells indicates a percentage packet loss of that router for tests done on that day. Router (loss) day by day problems to.. telefonica.dfw03.atlas.cogentco.com