because I buy my domains with namecheap they offer there own free dynamic dns which was how I set it up, I guess time will tell if I put it to use, I'm still not sure on how to get it to go from my home ip to my plex server ip to watch, I understand I'll have to set a port on the box but not exactly sure on the exacts for how, also I don't like having my router/modem outword facing its menu

May 08, 2019 Dynamic DNS vs Static IP | Netgate Forum Hello. After changing my ISP I have now been denied a static IP address, and while trying to convince them to allow it I am curious to find out the possible challenges of having a dynamic dns instead of a static ip. Will I run into cases where I cannot do Dynamic DNS -

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Mar 09, 2020 Dynamic DNS updates - Register Domains with Enom Choose a Dynamic DNS application listed on this page and install it. Configure the application to use your domain name, its password, and point it to our update server:; What if I'd like to create my own C++ application? Here is a document you can look at to get started: UpdateIP.cpp. What is an IP Address? Run your own Dynamic DNS (DDNS) server with MintDNS

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Jun 06, 2018 Dynamic DNS (DDNS) Troubleshooting Guide | Support | No-IP If it turns out that the problem is being caused by your ISP’s port block, you have a few options available. In the case of a web server being denied access on port 80, you can use the Port 80 Redirect feature of our Dynamic DNS service. The Port 80 Redirect is available as a part of any of our Dynamic DNS and Managed DNS packages.